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Contract Negotiations

Current Negotiations:

MOU - Criteria for Classified Staff to Teach Part-time

Item #4 of the MOU has been slightly edited since our March Chapter meeting.
Voting will take place at our Chapter meeting in April 2014.

Previous Negotiations:
Continuing Negotiations: These items were voted on at our Chapter meeting on 11/21/2013

MOU 1 - School closure on 1/2/15
MOU 2 - Career Increments & Professional Growth Units
MOU 3 - Professional Development Class Enrollment

     Educations Code section related to fee waivers.

MOU 4 - Security Coordinator - new position job description due to re-organization of Security

2014-15 College Calendar Discussion items:
Draft A 14-15 Academic Calendar
Draft B 14-15 Academic Calendar
Draft - Dates for 2 Summer Sessions in 2015
These agreements were ratified by the Chapter Membership. Voting took place on September 19 & 20, 2013.
Memorandum of Understanding #1

Memorandum of Understanding #2  This one is only related to the December 23, 2013 vacation day.
Updated Benefits Sheet with the new amounts from the District.

Current Benefit Rates are here. (Hint:If you need to rotate it, right-click the file and select rotate clockwise.)
Salary Recalibration based on the Ewing Salary Survey for Classified Staff, Managers and Administrators. The maximum amounts do not include the 1.57 % COLA.

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